It's all about Jesus.

Our Mission


With Life Church's mission to "Help People Find and Follow Jesus Christ," the Worship & Media Ministry plays a vital role in demonstrating, 

discipling, and sharing what it means to be a Christ follower. The Worship & Media Ministry covers our adult and youth services on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Our ministry oversees the music, video & broadcasting, photography, social media, and all creative aspects of our services. 

It is our desire to see the heart of God communicated in everything we do. The Worship & Media Ministry is simply a vessel for the anointing of God to communicate His heart to His people in a creative, emotional, and atmospheric way.

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Our Heart


Nothing about Jesus' ministry was exclusive. Although the Worship & Media Ministry relies on specific skills and giftings, we are devoted to including, equipping, and training those who have a heart to serve. It is in this spirit that we created the Musician In Training (MIT) program.

Those who participate in the Musician In Training program have the opportunity to be taught and mentored by our staff and key leaders to do everything we can to help you hone your craft. Participants will attend practices, learn songs with the team, and enjoy our community while having one-on-one training by one of our team members. 

Our Service


The moment that our creative efforts become for ourselves, we've lost sight of our ultimate calling: to be a servant.  In all of the areas that the Worship & Media Ministry covers, our aim is to draw attention to Jesus Christ and not to our talents or programs.

From a heart of humility, all of our volunteers understand that it is an honor to serve, even if it is in a position where no one is watching. When we recognize the magnitude of the opportunity we have as creatives in church, it shouldn't matter whether we're in front of or behind a camera.

Meet The Team


Joey Carani

Worship & Media Director


Brittany Carani

Worship &

Media Director


Tim Frost


Eric Dior

Audio Engineer

Lighting & Stage Design